Hey girls! Hope your week has been going well so far. I’m officially off work til Tuesday. Woohoo! My birthday plans for tomorrow will be eating cake (of course), but not just any old cake…nope! I’ve decided to make my own healthy chocolate cake for a change this year instead of buying a sugar laden store one. Plus, I’ve got boxes of chocolates already, so […]

Build Your Booty Workout


It’s no secret that pert booties are the ‘in’ thing at the moment. Just one look on Instagram is plenty proof of that! And while I’m all for a nice behind, I also think it’s important to work your whole body and not neglect other muscle groups, which is where my Build A Booty workout comes in! I’ve recently been doing compound only exercises, which […]

How To Beat The Cold (Asap!)


Hey peeps! Since I’m currently dying with the cold, I thought I’d share my tips for beating the bugs and getting back on track asap! Catching a cold is not fun for anyone, especially when you live a busy lifestyle. I also think when you workout and stay active on a daily basis, it’s pretty much just a complete […]