Packed and Ready To Go


Just dropping in before I leave for Oslo first thing tomorrow, as we have a super early start! It will be so nice to get a short break, and to have no connecting flights for once! (Don’t you just hate those?) Our plans are to mainly chill out and see the city, along with some [...]

Myprotein Almond Butter Review


Nut butters are one of my favourite snacks, and a total cupboard staple for me. Once I get started on this stuff, there’s just no stopping I love spreading it on rice cakes, pancakes, adding to oatmeal, and most of all….enjoying it straight off the spoon! (My guilty pleasure) So of course when I got the opportunity to [...]

Kickstart Your Day With These 5 Oatmeal Ideas


Sorry for my lack of posts here recently! I’ve just had so much other things going on, that finding the spare time to blog has been virtually impossible. Ahh! Anyway, today I thought I’d talk breakfast. That’s right. The best meal of the day in my opinion.  I’ve said it many times before, but I really could [...]