My Favourite ‘Healthy’ Chocolate Bars


The words ‘healthy’ and ‘chocolate’ aren’t something you usually hear in the same sentence, but I’ve recently discovered a few brands that probably come as close to healthy as you’ll get! Yes, they’re still high in fat and calories, but one thing in particular sets these chocolates apart from your average bar. The sugar content. Sugar can be pretty nasty stuff, and also super addictive. […]

The Lowdown On Supplements


Hey girls! How was everyone’s weekend? I spent mine visiting my parents and went out for some nice food and drinks. Yum! Other than that, it’s been all about movies and relaxation. Ahh! I sometimes like to throw in an extra workout on a Sunday, but I was actually still quite sore from earlier workouts in the […]

Healthy Chocolate & Peanut Butter Fudge


Happy Friday! Finally the weekend is here Today I’m sharing an amazing chocolate peanut butter fudge recipe I made for the first time this week. I gave this a try in attempt to help ease my sugar cravings, opting for a  more satisfying and healthy option instead. Good news is, it works! But stopping at only a couple pieces is pretty […]